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GLOCKS - G19 Gen 5 9mm; G42 .380;

                  G17 Gen 3 FDE; G17 Gen 3 Black; G 43 9mm;

                  G17 Gen 5 9mm; G19 Gen 3; G43 9mm FDE;

                  G33 Gen 4 .357 mag; G44 22LR; G20 10mm;

                  G 45 9mm; G21 short frame 45acp;

                  G41 Gen 4 45 auto;


RUGERS - MKIV Target 22LR; SR 22; LCP II 22LR;

                  SR22 Lady Lilac Purple; Security 9;

                  SR22 Flat Dark Earth; 10/22 carbine;

                  Ruger American AR 556; PC carbine 9mm; 

                  GP100 44s&w (pre-owned)

S&W - M&P Shield EZ 9mm; M&P Shield EZ .380;

           M&P 15-22 semi rifle 22LR; M&P Sport II 5.56;

           PC986 9mm; M&P40 40s&w Performance Center;

           M&P Shield Plus Performance Center 9mm;

           M&P Shield EZ Performance Center 9mm

SPRINGFIELD - XDM Duty Elite 9mm; Hellcat 9mm;

                          1911 Ronin 9mm

TAURUS  -  G2C 9mm; G3 9mm; 

BOND ARMS - Roughneck 9mm;

CZA - CZ Scorpion 9mm

HECKLER & KOCH - P30 9mm

SIG SAUER -  P365 XL 9mm; P365 SAS; P320 m17 9mm;

                        P22 Legion 9mm

Delton DT115 .223; Diamondback DB15 .223/5.56

Mossberg Maverick 88 pump shotgun

Colt M4 carbine .223 rem

Windham M4A3 semi rifle .223

Beretta PX4 type F 9mm; 3032 Tomcat .32 auto;

FN -  509C Tactical 9mm

RIA - 1911 A1 Tactical 45acp

Keltec - PMR30 22mag; Sub 2000 Gen 2 9mm;

We have an always changing selection of pre-owned firearms from trades and shows. The inventory changes weekly.... Never know what we get in week to week so keep checking back with us. 


Best Deals

1911TCAC11_H0A3542-scaled.jpg old glory.
  New Auto Ordinance 1911 A1
45acp, 5" barrel
$1695.00  In Stock

New Glock G43  9mm

"Battleworn Bronze Distressed Flag"

$569.00  In Stock

download.jpg constitutions glock.jpg

 New Constitution Glock G19 9mm

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

$850.00    In Stock

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